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Did you know that in order for soccer to hold COY status we must have at least 75% of the coaches belong to the Montana Coaches Association?  Which means we need 21 coaches to belong from each side, boys and girls. Below is the recap of High School Head Coach Members by Sport.  For Soccer to be considered a major sport we need at least 21coaches to join the MCA.  The MCA has been trying to encourage soccer coaches to join for many years.  This year the association has added soccer back to their annual coaches clinic in Great Falls.  Coach Dan McNally, Head Men’s Soccer Coach from MSUB!  You can attend the clinic and sign up to become a MCA member all in the same day! PLEASE ATTEND the clinic and SUPPORT the effort to make soccer a major sport!  (FYI – the college coaches belong to the MCA)

SOC 11/29    SOC 7/28

Ruling:  “In order for a sport to hold a Coach of the Year Status:  The sport must have at least 46 head coaches, the minimum requirements is 35 members. OR For sports that have less than 46 head coaches, the requirements is 75% of the head coaches.”

It is $30 to join the Montana Coaches Association.  The benefits are abundant.  The biggest benefit is that with your membership you receive LIABILITY INSURANCE.  All members are covered throughout the summer – which means you’d be covered when running open field and your summer camps!  It’s crazy to hold a camp without insurance and this is the least expensive insurance around.

Montana Coaches Association



National Soccer Coaches Association Of America (NSCAA)



If you coach soccer in Montana for any kind of high school soccer I would like to get your contact infomation and add you to the coaches email list. Please send it to gwall@bresnan.net. Thanks